i admit that i have used "that's so gay" countless times but over something that i find very interesting, humorous or flamboyant. but then this expression has become widespread that at numerous circumstances it has been used as insult instead. i am not washing my hands nor pointing fingers at anyone but it's about time we become more responsible bout the words that come out of our mouth.

think before you speak, think twice before you act

and here's a tv ad starring a really good actress wanda sykes

for more information visit (and go do it now): http://thinkb4youspeak.com/
About Sector 9

Synonymous with the California boardsports lifestyle, Sector 9 was founded in 1994 and has emerged as a market leader in the design and manufacture of skate longboards-- a fast-growing niche segment within the skateboard market. The brand's environmental stance differentiates it from other brands in the boardsports channel; with their eco-geared products and initiatives appealing to the surfers, skateboarders and the broader youth market.

About the race

How Green is Your Skateboard?

As a sport that embodies the tenets of living for the moment, it seems odd that skateboarding could mesh so well with environmentalism's cautious

and long-term philosophy. But as evidenced by brands like Sector 9, extreme sports and living green are a logical mix. In fact, October 11, 2008

might be a good time for you to do your part for the environment as Sector 9 hosts the first "Push Don't Pollute" race in the Philippines.

Join the largest convergence of Filipino skateboarders as they race to the finish line in the hopes of encouraging people to find alternative

methods of transportation and underscore the need to take better care of the planet.

Visit: http://www.sector9manilabomb.com for more details!