Hey hey!

Brigada is celebrating their 5th anniversary this Friday, Aug21 @ Magnet High Street, Fort Bonifacio. Entrance is Php 150 with a free drink.

Special free drinks are available while supplies last! Show starts 10pm. Rockin' out the stage with them are:

DJ Red-I

Hope to see you! Let's DANCE!!!

photo lifted off kalamagz's site :D
so i missed her performance last weekend :( but i think the world is gonna continue to hear more of her so that wasn't my last chance to hear her in person (woohoo!)

embedding the youtube video was disabled, so just click on the pic below to be redirected

Let's Go Sago just turned one! Congrats! :)

In line with celebrating this event, they have come up with a charity surfing clinic for bloggers and beginner surfers which is all set for August 15-16 in La Union.

I miss the beach. I miss the waves. So this invite came in awesome timing :) And not only that, a portion of the registration fee goes to a charitable organization ;o) Where else will you find an offer that frees you from the city pollution, takes you to the beach, and makes you feel good at the end of the day knowing that you have done your part to help WWF-Philippines :)

Know more about the event: http://www.letsgosago.net/2009/07/lets-go-surfing-event/

Last I heard, there are still some slots left ;o) Just go and ask the man behind Let's Go Sago.

See you there!!!

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Zoo York’s new video “State of Mind” has literally been years in the making. Since 2006, the Zoo York team has traveled non-stop collecting footage from skate missions to Australia, Canada, China, Europe, South Africa, all over the US, and at home in the grimy streets of New York. All their jet lag and hard work has finally paid off, as “State of Mind” definitely delivered the goods.

Last June, the “State of Mind” World Premiere Tour kicked off in key cities of NYC, LA, SF, DC and San Diego. The video also premiered in cinemas and skate shops in Australia, Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and the Philippines.

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Manhattan, Zoo York has firmly established itself as the unrivaled authority on East Coast style and attitude with its progressive street wear collection for men. As it has since day one, Zoo York offers a wide range of casual, utilitarian looks inspired by NYC’s unique cultural mash-up and unbreakable spirit, with style cues drawn form skateboarding, graffiti, hip-hop, rock, military, and everything in between.

Here are some shots taken during the event :)

Trinoma Branch

First stop: Registration

awesome ZY kicks on display!

shoes and decks

film viewing in progress :)

pop corn in cute ZY cups!

chillin' :)

Zoo York State of Mind DVD's are available in Zoo York stores in Robinsons Place Manila (Padre Faura Wing, 2nd level), TriNoMa, 2nd Level and SM Mega Atrium, 4th Level and SM Mall of Asia, 2nd Level.

The Zoo York team is comprised of Brandon Westgate, Matt Miller, Chaz Ortiz, Donnie Barley, Ron Deily, Kevin Taylor, Anthony Shetler, Forrest Kirby, Lamar Hemmings, Aaron Suski, Eli Reed and Zered Bassett.

Check this site for more details:

Also, click on the link below for this recent ZOO YORK feature in Slap magazine - 14 pages with audio commentary about the making of 'State of Mind' :

Cleverly designed items that has a double (or triple) purpose immediately gets my attention. One example is the camera necklace that works as a lighter and flashlight ;o) And now this, a ring that works as a bottle opener too! :D NOw drink anywhere, anytime (but responsibly of course!)

Wish this would fit women's fingers too :P But anyway, will be sending this to the bf and will throw in this stylish black cardigan as well :) This will look good with a collared shirt underneath which would make a good outfit that he can wear during casual work meetings.