Till I get a spare computer to play around with Linux, I would have to settle with scripting Perl in Win32. Now the question is, ActivePerl or StrawberryPerl? I never had to choose before since I've always been using Linux. Though I did attempt to use ActivePerl some years ago but never got comfortable with it. Plus, the developers I know who tried to use it has encountered several problems that just kept on piling. And so I think I'm gonna give StrawberryPerl a try ;o)

It helps to know too that the creator of Perl himself uses Strawberry Perl :D

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What you need:

Talong (Eggplant)
Egg, beaten
Dip (ketchup/ranch/thousand island/mayo - depends on you)

Here it goes:

1) Slice the talong(eggplant) into chips then soak them in water with salt to keep them fresh.

2) Drain the water and coat each chip with egg then with breadcrumbs. I used Italian breadcrumbs for taste.

3) Pan fry or deep fry the chips till the breadcrumbs turn golden brown.

4) Since it's fried, put the chips on a paper towel to remove the excess oil.

5) Serve with your choice of dip and enjoy :)


Saw the ads for this bag pretty much everywhere and had no intention of getting it since I was shopping on a budget. But the hubby was with me who got me more than what I planned and so we exceeded the minimum purchase required ;p

The tag says it has a comparable value of $65.00. They do not sell the bags and were only available last Black Friday. Since they were out for a limited time, some people are now selling it off at ebay - no big surprise there.

Other than the Cherry Bomb Lip Gloss, Dream Angels Heavenly Eau de Parfum and Love Spell® Splash, it also came with a Secret Reward Card and a $10 off coupon.

The Secret Reward is worth $10 or $50 or $100 or $500 off the next purchase. Each card is worth at least $10. Thousands are worth $100 or more. But it's not revealed until December 1 when presented at checkout. (Cross my fingers and hope mine is one of the thousands worth $100 or more ;D )

$9 Sale this Friday! (You're among the first to know!)

All tees will be $9 for 24 hours only (Starts 11/27 12:01 am CT, ends 11/27 11:59 pm CT)*! So make sure you've got all your holiday gift choices all lined up and ready to go, fire up the Internet early in the mornin', and let the deals begin!

All tees will be $9, woohoo! So whether you are in Manila or US, you can avail this awesome offer since the sale applies to online orders ;o)

Back in Manila, I would order several shirts online (only when on sale haha), pay with Amex then send it to a friend or relative in the US hehe ;p Then from there I'll just figure out a way to pick up the shirts when I go to the US or just wait till a friend or relative goes back to Manila :D

Their shirts/longsleeves/onesies are perfect gifts for yourself, family, friends and relatives :)

Don't forget the shirt designed by our fellow pinoy, Aj Dimarucot in your checkout cart:

And as for the rest of my threadless wishlist:

Certain nights call for a good drink to be enjoyed at home sans the unnecessary noise from strangers when drinking in a public place and the major effort in dressing up. And for women like me who prefers their drinks strong (like their men ;p), I always opt for cocktails or wine than beer. Thus, I thought of sharing some mixes that anyone can do at the comfort of their own home.

These two are a perfect combination:

You don't need bartender skills to mix this two. Just estimate a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio of Skyy Citrus Vodka and Cherry 7UP according to how strong you want your drink.

And lastly, drink responsibly :) Nobody likes a drunkard. Cheers!

Got my free coffee beans last week! :)

It's not too late to get yours :) Check my post here to see how:

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I hope not to miss this one! I still couldn't forgive myself for missing Commes des Garcons for H&M last year *sniff sniff*

H&M is launching Jimmy Choo for H&M on November 14th (Saturday). There are very strict rules for shopping on the first day since they are expecting a crowd. Read the how to here: JIMMY CHOO for H&M.

Here are my personal faves from the collection overview :)

Ladies Shoes

Ladies Clothes

Ladies Bags



Another day, another freebie ;o) Offer is open to US residents.

What are you waiting for? Click! Click! Click! on the banner below ;p

I'm a sucker for coffee and people who just met me would easily realize that there's a very slim chance I'd say no to a coffee invite (especially if free! LOL) ;p I've tried a bunch of coffee brands (starbucks, cbtl, gloria jeans, caribou, seattle's best, folgers, ucc, hills bros, lavazza, etc) but it was only bout a few weeks ago that I tried Dunkin' Donuts' original blend coffee :) It did not disappoint and it's now my choice of coffee when I am out running errands :) Previously, I would always have a cup of sbux after grocery shopping at Target ;p

So don't miss out on this chance to get a free sample of their coffee beans! They will deliver it right at your doorsteps ;o) Offer is open to US residents.

Dunkin' Donuts. Dunkin' keeps me blogging. Try Dunkin' Donuts Coffee For Free. Get a Sample
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Hey hey!

Brigada is celebrating their 5th anniversary this Friday, Aug21 @ Magnet High Street, Fort Bonifacio. Entrance is Php 150 with a free drink.

Special free drinks are available while supplies last! Show starts 10pm. Rockin' out the stage with them are:

DJ Red-I

Hope to see you! Let's DANCE!!!

photo lifted off kalamagz's site :D
so i missed her performance last weekend :( but i think the world is gonna continue to hear more of her so that wasn't my last chance to hear her in person (woohoo!)

embedding the youtube video was disabled, so just click on the pic below to be redirected

Let's Go Sago just turned one! Congrats! :)

In line with celebrating this event, they have come up with a charity surfing clinic for bloggers and beginner surfers which is all set for August 15-16 in La Union.

I miss the beach. I miss the waves. So this invite came in awesome timing :) And not only that, a portion of the registration fee goes to a charitable organization ;o) Where else will you find an offer that frees you from the city pollution, takes you to the beach, and makes you feel good at the end of the day knowing that you have done your part to help WWF-Philippines :)

Know more about the event: http://www.letsgosago.net/2009/07/lets-go-surfing-event/

Last I heard, there are still some slots left ;o) Just go and ask the man behind Let's Go Sago.

See you there!!!

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Zoo York’s new video “State of Mind” has literally been years in the making. Since 2006, the Zoo York team has traveled non-stop collecting footage from skate missions to Australia, Canada, China, Europe, South Africa, all over the US, and at home in the grimy streets of New York. All their jet lag and hard work has finally paid off, as “State of Mind” definitely delivered the goods.

Last June, the “State of Mind” World Premiere Tour kicked off in key cities of NYC, LA, SF, DC and San Diego. The video also premiered in cinemas and skate shops in Australia, Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and the Philippines.

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Manhattan, Zoo York has firmly established itself as the unrivaled authority on East Coast style and attitude with its progressive street wear collection for men. As it has since day one, Zoo York offers a wide range of casual, utilitarian looks inspired by NYC’s unique cultural mash-up and unbreakable spirit, with style cues drawn form skateboarding, graffiti, hip-hop, rock, military, and everything in between.

Here are some shots taken during the event :)

Trinoma Branch

First stop: Registration

awesome ZY kicks on display!

shoes and decks

film viewing in progress :)

pop corn in cute ZY cups!

chillin' :)

Zoo York State of Mind DVD's are available in Zoo York stores in Robinsons Place Manila (Padre Faura Wing, 2nd level), TriNoMa, 2nd Level and SM Mega Atrium, 4th Level and SM Mall of Asia, 2nd Level.

The Zoo York team is comprised of Brandon Westgate, Matt Miller, Chaz Ortiz, Donnie Barley, Ron Deily, Kevin Taylor, Anthony Shetler, Forrest Kirby, Lamar Hemmings, Aaron Suski, Eli Reed and Zered Bassett.

Check this site for more details:

Also, click on the link below for this recent ZOO YORK feature in Slap magazine - 14 pages with audio commentary about the making of 'State of Mind' :

Cleverly designed items that has a double (or triple) purpose immediately gets my attention. One example is the camera necklace that works as a lighter and flashlight ;o) And now this, a ring that works as a bottle opener too! :D NOw drink anywhere, anytime (but responsibly of course!)

Wish this would fit women's fingers too :P But anyway, will be sending this to the bf and will throw in this stylish black cardigan as well :) This will look good with a collared shirt underneath which would make a good outfit that he can wear during casual work meetings.

amazing voice. very talented. awesome personality. know more about her: http://www.zeeavi.com

(warning: this is a long post)

I went to Sony Ericsson's Shitty Service Center on a Friday in Glorietta, Makati to have my phone checked. They said my phone would need cleaning and realignment, and it would take at least two days. And so according to my calculation and as confirmed by the representative who took my unit, that it should be ready by Sunday. They gave me my claim stub and pointed me their hotline numbers where I should call first before claiming my unit - to confirm first that it's ready for pick-up. By the way, the waiting time before I was accomodated was 40minutes.

Two days passed and I gave them a call. Well actually, several calls at that. There were two numbers in the paper and the first one was just perpetually busy and the other, someone picked it up twice but hung up on me. Awesome. Then a whole week has passed trying to reach them.

I finally decided to just drop by the center since trying to reach them via their hotline proved to be futile. Then when I came to pick up my phone, it wasn't fixed yet. No suprise there since I have lowered down my expectations with this service center and with this brand. They told me that they had to send my phone to their Level 3 which would take at least 3weeks and in the process of trying to fix my phone, data might be loss. They seem to be really good at giving more bad news after another. So I pulled out my unit first to back up my data and then went back after 2 days to have it sent to their Level 3.

Now what I'm about to tell you next is true though it didn't happen to me (well, not yet) and I just overheard it from the guy beside me. And I think he had every intention of letting me (and everyone else) hear him cause he really was at the brink of losing it. Also, I guess he just wants to exclaim how disappointing his situation is in the hopes that they would realize how much discomfort they have caused him. Anyway, so I heard him say that he dropped his unit at the service center and was informed that it was going to be sent to their Level3 and would take at least 3weeks there (sounds familiar). And then after 3weeks, he went back to check on his unit
and the service agent told him that they just sent his unit to Level3 the day before. And so he asked, "what happened to my phone during those 3weeks? No one took care of it?". Then the agent just stared blankly at him, obvious that she doesn't have any valid reason for such irresponsibility. But it doesn't stop there. He added that his phone has been with Level3 for get this, 6 months?! I feld bad for the guy and I get the feeling that I might suffer the same fate. After hearing all that, I told the service agent infront of me that I am a little disappointed with the unit I bought from them. I've only had it for about a year and 3months, and I already have to go running to the service center. And guess what, she looked back at me and said nothing but her facial expression seemed to say "oh well, too bad for you".

This is the first and last Sony Ericsson phone I'm ever gonna own. The unit? It's a Sony Ericsson W960i which retailed for Php28K when I bought it.

Sony Ericsson's Loads of Bullcrap Service Center is located on the 3Rd Level, #16 Digital Exchange Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati City

Garage Sale! This coming July 11-12, 2009 (Sat-Sun) from 10AM to 6PM at #3 Comet's Loop St., Blue Ridge, Quezon City

The smart recessionista (guy or girl at that) are always looking for ways to spend less on great finds and knows a good a chance when the opportunity presents itself ;o) Feel free to drop by and visit our garage sale as we've got preloved items that range from brand new to slightly used. We have clothes, accessories, toys, magazines, books, DVDs, CDs, shoes, bags, collectibles and even cookies too! :) See you there! :)

~ By the way, the place is in libis, near eastwood.
~ Also, this is now going to be just a one-day sale (just on July11). Don't miss it! ;o) We've got so many fab finds ;D

Zoo York has a lengthy and flavorful history, starting from the earliest days in the '70s and '80s when Zoo York was simply a collective of creative skaters, graffiti artists, b-boys and punks getting down for themselves in NYC. In 1993 OG East Coast skaters Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan Gesner and Adam Schatz turned the vibe and storied name into the beginning of the company we know today. A barrage of raw, gritty urban output followed in the form of skaters from the streets getting together with artists and musicians from the streets to create shoes, apparel and skate gear with always-legit NYC heart and soul in the mix, and the look and feel spread around the world with a quickness. In the following years, Zoo blew up and became a huge brand name known everywhere. They've managed to keep their East Coast roots strong while expanding their reach, and 2009 finds them dropping a new video (their first in many years) with a largely new crew of team riders.

Catch the Zoo York State of Mind premiere on these dates:
June 20 5PM- Robinsons Place Ermita/ SM Megamall Atrium
June 21 5PM- SM Mall of Asia/ Trinoma Mall

Check these sites out for more details:

Also, check out this recent ZOO YORK feature in Slap magazine - 14 pages with audio commentary about the making of 'State of Mind' : http://www.slapmagazine.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1319&Itemid=27

Thanks to Katrina of Zoo York for the invite! ;o)