as announced last year, sonia rykiel was going to be the next guest designer for h&m. the collection was finally available last feb20(sat) at selected stores so there i was saturday morning right after having french toast for breakfast ;p and came home with these

striped cardigan
love the way it fits and can be worn with leggings, pants, skirts or shorts :)

one-shoulder dress with rosette applique
the material is really nice and thick enough that when i tried it on, i didn't have to worry about panty lines. it's always good to find a dress that gives you zero stress on what undergarment to use it with.

to show you how it fits, here is lola rykiel

leighton meester, kelly rutherford, nathalie rykiel and lola rykiel
photo credit: nitrolicious dot com

to check out the other items in the collection, click here:

about more than a week ago, i thought of registering my starbucks card which has been with me for over a year

when i saw the rewards, i was excited about using it on my next visit and earn more points (i only got the welcome level rewards cause though i had the card for a long time, it was never registered. so my past purchases did not earn points)

but because of this little incident that happened just this past weekend, am not so sure about using my sbux card again nor visiting any of their branches.

as it was my turn to order, i told the cashier that i wanted to add money in my starbucks card by taking $10 off my chase card. after-which, we proceeded with our order that had a total of around $7. i told the guy to use my starbucks card and he did. so what am i whining about? they charged me for another $13. and for what? i have no idea and i only found out cause i checked my chase account.

thank goodness it was a pending transaction! so i called up the branch responsible for this booboo and the lady i talked to said "there is nothing we can do ma'm. there's no way we can move your money from here or cancel that transaction. you may call our starbucks office instead". so i did and got the response, "there's nothing we can do. we have no access to your account. pls call your bank instead". it really disappointed me that starbucks was no help at all after causing me this much hassle. they didn't even bother to at least TRY and check what they can do to assist. i know it's just $13 but hey that's a good amount of coffee money that i could enjoy. 

but anyway, huge thanks to the bank teller i talked to from chase. she was able to cancel the transaction and credited the $13 back to my account. whew! 

thank you chase! :)

a lot of people have been abstaining on certain things because it's lent. but am goin the opposite direction. i will try to do more :)

i will try to go to church more often and do my best not to miss sunday mass

(photo taken at an old church in the Philippines)

prepare a good breakfast (and maybe dinner) as often as i can

and spend more time with loved ones than in front of the computer ;p

woke up to this sweet surprise...


that's a rose made of chocolate cause he knows i don't like flowers :p


 inside the bag



found it so amusing to spray perfume with that little tassel :)

watched this movie Valentine's Day
(only the brave watches a cheesy movie on a generally recognized as the cheesiest day :p ) 

then had dinner at Chama Gaucha


first round: passion fruit caipirinha and regular caipirinha


second round: strawberry caipirinha and pineapple caipirinha

[keepin' a happy heart]

I hope all of you had as wonderful a Valentine's day as I did :)


feel free to comment, give props or make it your fave :)
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One per customer. Select stores only. While chocolates last

Lingerie and Chocolates. Perfect :)


i definitely enjoyed the 30days of our time together when your app was still free. i would surely miss the convenience of having not to worry about losing my connection when idle. not to mention the transfer queue that never fails to provide me with detailed information of every ftp process.  but most of all, i'll miss the ease of having multiple remote connections in one go.

if i didn't have the web ftp as a no-cost option, i would've went ahead and purchased you. it surely doesn't have your perks but hey it's free. so for now, bye smartftp! it has been swell :)