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(warning: this is a long post)

I went to Sony Ericsson's Shitty Service Center on a Friday in Glorietta, Makati to have my phone checked. They said my phone would need cleaning and realignment, and it would take at least two days. And so according to my calculation and as confirmed by the representative who took my unit, that it should be ready by Sunday. They gave me my claim stub and pointed me their hotline numbers where I should call first before claiming my unit - to confirm first that it's ready for pick-up. By the way, the waiting time before I was accomodated was 40minutes.

Two days passed and I gave them a call. Well actually, several calls at that. There were two numbers in the paper and the first one was just perpetually busy and the other, someone picked it up twice but hung up on me. Awesome. Then a whole week has passed trying to reach them.

I finally decided to just drop by the center since trying to reach them via their hotline proved to be futile. Then when I came to pick up my phone, it wasn't fixed yet. No suprise there since I have lowered down my expectations with this service center and with this brand. They told me that they had to send my phone to their Level 3 which would take at least 3weeks and in the process of trying to fix my phone, data might be loss. They seem to be really good at giving more bad news after another. So I pulled out my unit first to back up my data and then went back after 2 days to have it sent to their Level 3.

Now what I'm about to tell you next is true though it didn't happen to me (well, not yet) and I just overheard it from the guy beside me. And I think he had every intention of letting me (and everyone else) hear him cause he really was at the brink of losing it. Also, I guess he just wants to exclaim how disappointing his situation is in the hopes that they would realize how much discomfort they have caused him. Anyway, so I heard him say that he dropped his unit at the service center and was informed that it was going to be sent to their Level3 and would take at least 3weeks there (sounds familiar). And then after 3weeks, he went back to check on his unit
and the service agent told him that they just sent his unit to Level3 the day before. And so he asked, "what happened to my phone during those 3weeks? No one took care of it?". Then the agent just stared blankly at him, obvious that she doesn't have any valid reason for such irresponsibility. But it doesn't stop there. He added that his phone has been with Level3 for get this, 6 months?! I feld bad for the guy and I get the feeling that I might suffer the same fate. After hearing all that, I told the service agent infront of me that I am a little disappointed with the unit I bought from them. I've only had it for about a year and 3months, and I already have to go running to the service center. And guess what, she looked back at me and said nothing but her facial expression seemed to say "oh well, too bad for you".

This is the first and last Sony Ericsson phone I'm ever gonna own. The unit? It's a Sony Ericsson W960i which retailed for Php28K when I bought it.

Sony Ericsson's Loads of Bullcrap Service Center is located on the 3Rd Level, #16 Digital Exchange Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati City