Till I get a spare computer to play around with Linux, I would have to settle with scripting Perl in Win32. Now the question is, ActivePerl or StrawberryPerl? I never had to choose before since I've always been using Linux. Though I did attempt to use ActivePerl some years ago but never got comfortable with it. Plus, the developers I know who tried to use it has encountered several problems that just kept on piling. And so I think I'm gonna give StrawberryPerl a try ;o)

It helps to know too that the creator of Perl himself uses Strawberry Perl :D

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What you need:

Talong (Eggplant)
Egg, beaten
Dip (ketchup/ranch/thousand island/mayo - depends on you)

Here it goes:

1) Slice the talong(eggplant) into chips then soak them in water with salt to keep them fresh.

2) Drain the water and coat each chip with egg then with breadcrumbs. I used Italian breadcrumbs for taste.

3) Pan fry or deep fry the chips till the breadcrumbs turn golden brown.

4) Since it's fried, put the chips on a paper towel to remove the excess oil.

5) Serve with your choice of dip and enjoy :)