H and I are very wary of dining at restaurants which claim to serve mexican food since he is very critical when it comes to its authenticity :p

and there were basically two reasons why we went to chipotle:
 (1) i saw it featured in Oprah                                    
 (2) received a buy one, get one coupon in the mail

what I saw on tv was confirmed, they do serve fresh ingredients.
i also like the open kitchen concept that displays their squeaky clean kitchen.

H wanted to get the burrito but I opted for the burrito bowl to steer clear of more carbo from tortilla mwehehe.
and since it was buy1, get1, he had no choice but to get the same :p

the only difference though is he chose pinto beans while i had the black vegetarian beans :)

i didn't get to finish mine :p

me: so did chipotle pass your authentic mexican food test?
H: yes and i wanna go back and try their burrito *huge grin*

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  1. Erika Says:

    Mmm...I've never been to Chipotle, but you sure make me want to go!! That looks so so good!

    Also, thanks for stopping by & commenting...and voting! I saw you went with the one with tights...which is the one winning, by the way! :D

    Well, hope you stop by again!
    ♥ Erika