[ x] prefers a good romance comedy movie over a horror or action flick?
[ x] does she love Meryl Streep's movies?
[ x] is she a fan of ABBA?
[ x] does she like to watch musical plays?

if at least two of above conditions are true, then i would recommend this dvd-pack for a mother's day gift :)

It's Complicated and Mamma Mia dvd pack was on sale price of around $25 for a limited time only at Target.

I also got her the shirt below cause this one holds true for my family ;p and it cracked me up the moment i saw it.

MOMS: They're Better Than Dads shirt from Walmart. Only $5 ;)

btw, my mom has zero idea about this site so this post won't spoil the surprise :D

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2 Responses
  1. Cute post. Love the "It's Complicated" idea. I've heard it's a great movie!

  2. oh hey thanks! :) i haven't seen the movie myself but will comment back here if it's worth watching ;)